We know that support groups aren't for everyone! Sometimes a phone call can be all you need to still many of your worries & endless questions.  If you think a phone call with a well-trained Breastfeeding Counsellor would help, do make a call to one of the numbers below. Sometimes it can be hard to make the call - why not ask another person to call for you at first?

In the local Flintshire area, do call the Flintshire Peer Support Program number. (Office hours only) There is an answering machine for times when the office is empty.
As well as answering questions about breastfeeding, they can also tell you about the support groups in your area, or help you decide if you need to talk with a BF Counsellor.
01244 545021

If you are not in the Flintshire area, try typing this into Goggle -  Breastfeeding Support, and the name of your county. Your local LLL group can be found here.
Also the website for the Scottish National Helpline is worth a look -

New National Helpline
A national helpline for Breastfeeding in the UK, with some funding from the Dept of Health. It was launched in February 2008. There is a (very small) charge - the 0300 code means that it costs the same as a local call.

The calls you make are diverted to the home of an ABM or BfN breastfeeding counsellor (as near as possible to your local area), so hang on as the phone rings and you get bumped along to another number if no-one picks up at first.
The phone number is:   0300 100 0212

You can also find phone helplines through the following pages (just a selection in alphabetical order). Most of these helplines are staffed by volunteers who are in their own homes, so do follow the guidelines about when to call.  Also do look at their advice notes published elsewhere on the sites - it may be that the answer to your Q's are already there!:
  • Association of Breastfeeding Mothers  - 08444 122 949
  • La Leche League GB - See also the LLL forum ( where you can post questions for online Mother-to-mother support, in a similar way to the Facebook forums (e.g. DBM) but it can be more anonymous. A further benefit of the LLL forum is that many Mums are online there during our night-time, as it is based in the USA.
  • NCT  The NCT breastfeeding line will invite you to leave a message if there are no staff available, and someone will get back to you. The number is 0300 330 0771


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