Lie Back and think of milk

Nancy Mohrbacher has written about a new position for breastfeeding.  Her attitudes to teaching Breastfeeding has been changed by reading the excellent research into baby's instincts - by British midwife Suzanne Coulson.  An early article setting out her research can be read here: (Coulson, 2005). A full set of her articles discussing Biological Nurturing is available here.

Part of the new Toolkit from La Leche League discusses how to do it (or not, as you like!).

Suzanne Coulson has produced this fun Recipe for Nurturing a new baby (or two).
A video-clip shows how it is done.

We've read about & practised feeding positions for many years - sitting postions (cross-cradle, rugby hold), lying down, even sleeve feeding!  The lovely Kate Evans showed us a whole Mama Sutra of positions for breastfeeding in her fantastic book "The Food of Love".

But now, we are encouraged to think of lying back and having the baby on it's tummy on top of us! Lactation experts have come "to accept that human babies, like all other mammals, are born with reflexes that help them get them to their feeding source and feed."  Also, we are beginning to realise that a mother's own instincts and reflexes are brought into play by the use of this position.
The sitting & lying positions are not "Wrong Ways" to hold a baby - they are great for some situations, but the lessons learned by the research of Suzanne Coulson (and set out in her book, or on her website Biological Nurturing) are that we should not be restricted to these positions.
Dianne Weissinger has also written an interesting article about this Laid-Back Method. Read more of her words on her own site: here.

You will hopefully have already seen "The Breast Crawl" video...
If not, then do go and have a look at this clip on YouTube.  See how powerfully a newborn can control itself if it has support in the right areas. They are born with powerful instincts.  (Just like us Mums!)

Nancy Mohrbacher explains here why it helps to lie back, and explains that it works fine even if you have a C-section wound. The laidback approach can also reduce the difficulties for mothers who have developed sore nipples.
"Laid-back positions use gravity to help rather than hinder breastfeeding and can make the early weeks more enjoyable."

I wonder  if there's any link with this laidback approach (where the baby is lying on it's tummy) and The Charm Hold, which has been described here on the La Leche League pages (again baby is lying on it's tummy - recommended as useful for babies who will not suckle, or don't remain attached).  A mother's testimonial can be read here.

Knitting Patterns for breastfeeding support

Are you crafty?

Good old knitted breast models... they are so helpful for all sorts of discussions about breastfeeding attachment. Great to demonstrate hand expression. Wherever you live, a Peer Supporter somewhere near you would be delighted to receive one.  Or even a pair?!! If you'd like to donate some to the Flintshire Peer Supporters, then please do call us on 01244 545 021.   I have a bag of toy-stuffing material which you can use, but a variety of recycled materials are suitable.
We'd be forever in your debt! :-)

Free pattern can be downloaded here from the Lactation Consultants of GB, LCGB.

If you prefer to crochet, use this pattern from LCGB.

Other knitted breast patterns are available here.
Chenille wool is a gorgeous choice, and whilst some like to have a very realistic colour scheme, there are plenty of Peer Supporters who love a wild & wacky colour mix - think stripes of anything other than pink & beige!

Another knitted item which can be very useful when talking to parents about BF (e.g. antenatally) is the "Knitted Knappy" from the lovely Alison Blenkinsop. A Knappy kit can be purchased for £3.  The Knappy helps parents remember what to expect in the nappies of their newborn!

If you're looking for a quick project, how about this dishcloth? It has the International BF symbol upon it.
There is also a cute Tandem-feeding variation! See the many alternative designs on Ravelry.

A lovely piece of work here can be enjoyed by both Mum & her baby - a necklace.

Slightly bigger - a fun crocheted hat for a baby (video instuctional here: left hand & right hand version).
See also a knitting pattern for a hat here from Ali Blenkinsop's site.

If you prefer to knit something a little larger... how about this shawl (for privacy if you require it whilst feeding)

And finally - my googling also threw this page at me which you might like to go see... Breastfeeding is a lot like Knitting!


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